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    the great Gatsby

    2018-12-29, 1 min read

    I migrated my blog (from Jekyll) to Gatsby . Here are the details. Install the markdownRemark plugin configure All code available here…

    Haskell Persistent note recording program

    2018-04-10, 2 min read

    Here's a version of the previous notes program that uses Persistent. The imports are: text cmdargs friendly-time time persistent…

    Improving basic haskell programs

    2018-04-06, 1 min read

    Using the symbols (bind) (fmap) and we can improve our Haskell programs. For example:

    Markdown and syntax highlighting

    2018-03-26, 1 min read

    Jekyll and escape sequences can be strange. With Github Flavored Markdown, it is possible to set syntax highlighting in fenced code blocks…

    From org to markdown

    2018-03-24, 1 min read

    Configure Emacs to enable orgmode markdown exports for Jekyll use. Code blocks Use the ( ) and export to a temporary buffer. Add…

    Note recording Haskell program

    2018-03-24, 2 min read

    A small Haskell program that manages short notes in a SQLite database. Uses sqlite-simple and CmdArgs .

    VSCode Insiders 2017 Review - Coming from Emacs

    2017-04-01, 3 min read

    How I set up VSCode I hit C-S-p, selected color theme and chose Solarized Dark , opened settings where I set the font Hasklig, and enabled…

    Escape key behavior in GNU Screen

    2013-04-17, 1 min read

    Part of the reason I decided to start publishing things here, is that I sometimes run into what seems to be a small annoying tech problem…

    Hello World

    2013-04-17, 1 min read

    Hi. I intend to use this space to publish notes about technology. Configuration, solutions and stuff like that. To do this, I am using…